About Us


AfriChina Projects is an international organisation with headquarters in Abuja Nigeria. Our primary focus is to position the African continent to leverage our strategic partnership with China. Our core drive is our belief in a sustainable future for Africa; as such, we have aligned our vision and aspirations to foster the continent’s growth and development.

Our objective is to create a unifying platform for governments and private sector across the continent to collaborate with Chinese Investors. AfriChina is committed to fostering initiatives directed at promoting investments and improving economic prosperity in the region. Our expertise is concentrated around three key areas; Trade, Investment and Culture Exchange. We take advantage of our extensive investor network across China and Africa to help initiate productive engagement for both regions.


Our Vision


To become the African investment HUB for Sino-African trade, Investment and Cultural Exchange.


Our Mission


AfriChina Projects’ mission is to help foster economic growth and prosperity across Africa, through the following:

  • Promote investment, trade and cultural exchange between Africa and China.
  • Initiate strategies to enhance the flow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Africa.
  • Facilitate the growth and development of manufacturing in Africa, through our e-commerce OEM, SKD and CKD trading platform.
  • Positioning Africa as an attractive and viable business location internationally, especially for Chinese outbound investment.


Who We Are


We see ourselves as an encyclopedia of African investment knowledge, owing to our in-depth understanding of investor’s requirement and market intelligence.


What We Do


We not only promote foreign direct investment into Africa from China, we also promote export of agricultural resources, mineral resources and cultural products from Africa to China. We direct and convey the story of Africa as most viable investment destination.


Export Promotion


AfriChina Provides Comprehensive Export Market Information

To ensure that we remain competitive at the international market,our experts analyse the latest trends and developments in all strategic growth markets. We help guide African SMEs, government departments and agencies on how best to position themselves in the export market, especially when looking at China. As such we carry out regular updates on our online platform to help inform investors.

Our Partners