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AfriChina Projects is an international organisation with headquarters in Abuja Nigeria. Our primary focus is to position the African continent to leverage our strategic partnership with China. Our core drive is our belief in a sustainable future for Africa; as such, we have aligned our vision and aspirations to foster the continent’s growth and development.

Our objective is to create a unifying platform for governments and private sector across the continent to collaborate with Chinese Investors. AfriChina is committed to fostering initiatives directed at promoting investments and improving economic prosperity in the region. Our expertise is concentrated around three key areas; Trade, Investment and Culture Exchange. We take advantage of our extensive investor network ac...

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Creating new opportunities for investment in Africa, from China and vice versa. Through this platform, investors will find partners and create outstanding growth and development by crystallizing new and efficient businesses based on modern technologies and practices

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We build synergy. Offering industrialists, project companies and OEMs a fine opportunity to engage each other and achieve sustainable businesses targeted at building the African industrial landscape while further expanding the business coverage of our Chinese partners

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With a wide coverage of linked suppliers from China; we are able to handle the broad spectrum of business and industry; from small to medium and large scale; provide quality equipment and experienced resources for projects and businesses in Africa

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B2B Level

We provide a platform for direct business relationships between Chinese investors and African nations

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B2C Level

We provide a rare opportunity for consumers to buy equipment directly from manufacturers

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B2G Level

With a wide coverage of linked suppliers from China; we are able to handle the broad spectrum of business...

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Attend events, meet investors in person in China. Accelerate plans for investment and expand your strategy

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